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I always seam to do this thing to myself, rather then finish one project then move on the next, i finish one and then start two more. the only thing i have completed and started only one other is my sketchbooks. (mind you i do have three uncompleted ones) i have five shorts on the go and unfinished blog posts. i suppose my disorganization comes form being organised at work.

Stupid Questions #1- #4

(just so you know, for my sins I work in a fancy dress shop)
Stupid Question #1
Customer: wheres the Royal free from here?
ME: I'm sorry i don't Know.
Customer: What bus do I need to get?
ME: I would not know as don't know where it is?
Stupid Question #2
Customer: --- holding up a rabbit mask--- what animal is this?
Me: ----biting my tong--- Its, a, Rabbit.
Customer: oh i thought it was.
Stupid Question #3
customer: I'm after a sheep costume for my son.
Me: Ok. all the kid's costumes are down stairs on the right, if you want to go down I'll come down in a moment and help you as soon as i have finished with this customer. ---- once finished i go down to her---
Customer: is this the sheep costume? ---holding up a cow costume, which has Cow written on it a pitch of a cow on it and a child in the cow costume--Me: No that's a cow. that's a sheep. --- pointing to the costume with a sheep on it the word Sheep printed on it and a child in a sheep costume on it---
Customer: oh yes. ---laughing--- you forget what animals look like.
Me: ---Thinking to myself "really are you fucking kidding me? well i was brought up in a fishing town in Essex. i didn't know what a car looked like till i moved to London".--
Stupid Question #4
On the phone.
Customer: I live in south London, which buses stop near you?
Me: the 27, 30, 31.
Customer: Which one do i need to get?
Me: ---Smiling--- The 666. from outside the cemetery.
Customer: Ok i'll be there shortly.
Me: ---putting down the phone. thinking "like hell you wont"---

“ Don’t let the stories and pretty lies fool you, boys. Religion is darkness. ”

—     Santosh Patel - A Life Of Pi.



Way too many wars have been started because people disagree on religion. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. These people get it.

it dose not matter what the name you call your god, the teachings are pretty much the same 

love and respect each other, love and respect your self,

A few years ago one of my friends and her performing arts class were involved in the Christmas celebrations in my home town. when they were asked what songs would they like to sing, Bez suggested  ’away in a manger’  her tutor responded with ‘its not an appropriate song as it would offend non christian viewers.’ Bez, who by the way is Muslim, after a small discussion -which she won- she led the group in ‘away in a mange’ dressed in her fall Hijah. She said that to her the song was just a song to her, but to others it meant something.

England is a Pagan Country living under the law of Christian beliefs. 

In its youth invaded by so many cultures and their beliefs, you would think that we would be more tolerable to any beliefs that surround us. The majority do, but nominator seam to have larger voice, 

Complaints are always heard over the good.

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My notes

I’ve been with out the internet for just under a week. having to use the computers at work, which crash if you have more then 3 tabs open so not a lot was done.

i have to admit that i did not miss it that much. it has given me time to do a little writing, drawing and reading, 

Now i’m not sure where to start.